What Happens When You Cause a DUI Accident in Arizona?

Arizona has some of the harshest DUI penalties in the country. But, if you cause a serious or fatal accident while driving under the influence, the consequences of your arrest can be far more severe. Causing injury or death while driving under the influence is a felony offense, and a conviction can lead to [...]

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Can You Still Fight a DUI if You Admitted to Drinking in Arizona?

When the police pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving, there are a lot of mistakes you can make on the side of the road. One of these mistakes is admitting that you have been drinking. But, how costly is this mistake really—and can you still fight your DUI if you admitted to drinking [...]

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Did You Get a DUI While Visiting Arizona?

Lots of people visit Arizona every year. Whether you flew into Phoenix for business, to drive to Flagstaff or Sedona, or to drive to the Grand Canyon, it is important to know that you are subject to the state’s laws just like full-time residents. This includes the state’s DUI laws. Getting a DUI in Arizona [...]

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What is the Best Defense to a DUI Charge in Arizona?

If you are facing a DUI charge in Arizona, you need to defend yourself by all means available. In many cases, this will involve presenting multiple defenses that work together to prevent prosecutors from meeting their burden of proof. Even so, you may be wondering, “What is the best defense to an Arizona DUI?” Simply [...]

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10 Consequences of a DUI Conviction in Arizona

Getting a DUI in Arizona can have several consequences. While most people who get arrested worry about going to jail (which is a real possibility in Arizona), this is ultimately just one of multiple consequences you can face as the result of a conviction. When facing a DUI in Arizona, it is important to make [...]

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What You Need To Know If You Get a Holiday DUI in Arizona

It is the holiday season, so the police are out in full force monitoring the roads for drunk drivers. Drunk driving accidents peak during the holidays; and, to prevent as many accidents as they can, the police arrest as many drunk drivers as possible. If you get a DUI during the holidays, you must make [...]

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What Problems Can Arise During a DUI Case in Arizona?

Protecting yourself after a DUI arrest is all about making informed decisions. You need to know what to do, you need to know what not to do, and you need to be prepared to do everything necessary to minimize your risk of facing a harsh sentence at trial. You also need to understand what problems [...]

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How Do You Get a Plea Bargain for a Reduced Charge in an Arizona DUI Case?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Arizona, you are facing a variety of severe consequences. This is true whether you are being charged with an “ordinary” DUI, aggravated DUI, extreme DUI, or another drunk driving-related offense. To minimize the consequences of your DUI arrest, you have two primary options. Your [...]

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10 Facts You Need to Know about Your Arizona DUI Case

If you are facing a DUI charge in Arizona, you must make informed decisions about your defense. What you don’t know can cost you; if you make mistakes, you can face life-altering consequences unnecessarily. So, what do you need to know about your case? The simple answer is, “More than you might think.” Several key [...]

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These DUI “Defenses” Could End Up Putting You in Jail

If you are facing a DUI charge in Arizona, you could have several defenses available depending on the facts of your case. But, you also need to be careful to avoid asserting “defenses” that don’t protect you under Arizona law. In fact, if you say the wrong thing, not only could your “defense” be ineffective, [...]

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