Each year, we publish many free resources for individuals facing DUI charges in Arizona. While these resources are not a substitute for personalized legal advice, they are intended to help you begin to understand what you need to know after a drunk driving arrest. Drunk driving charges carry substantial penalties in Arizona, so you must make informed decisions about your defense.

This article provides a recap of what we covered in 2023. If you are facing a DUI charge, we encourage you to use these resources to learn about your situation and then contact us promptly for a free DUI defense consultation:

Understanding the Consequences of a DUI in Arizona

If you get convicted of DUI in Arizona, you will be at risk for several serious and long-term consequences. Not only can a conviction lead to criminal fines and jail time, but it can also lead to various other financial and non-financial costs. Loss of driving privileges, insurance surcharges, and mandatory alcohol education (at your expense) are just a few examples of the additional consequences you can face if you are found guilty of DUI.

Along with these (and other) penalties, a DUI conviction can also lead to various collateral consequences. If you are in school, are in the military, have a professional license, or have non-U.S. citizenship, a DUI conviction could indeed impact your life for decades to come. Learn more: 10 Consequences of a DUI Conviction in Arizona.

Determining the Best Defense Against Your DUI

What is the best defense to a DUI charge in Arizona? The short answer is, “It depends.” While there are several potential defenses to an Arizona DUI, the defenses that you can use to protect yourself depend entirely on the unique circumstances of your case.

In Arizona DUI cases, potential defense strategies range from keeping the prosecution’s evidence out of court to showing that the prosecution’s evidence is insufficient to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. To begin thinking about the defenses that you might be able to use to fight your DUI, you can read: What is the Best Defense to a DUI Charge in Arizona?

What If You Don’t Live in Arizona?

Lots of people visit Arizona for business and on vacation. If you got arrested for driving under the influence while visiting, it is essential to understand that you will need to deal with your DUI in Arizona even if you are no longer here.

Arizona DUI cases move quickly, and, in addition to facing consequences in Arizona (including possible jail time), you can also face consequences in your home state. For an overview of what you need to know, you can read: Did You Get a DUI While Visiting Arizona?

What if You Admitted to Driving Drunk?

Any time the police pull you over, it is crucial to exercise your right to remain silent. While you are required to provide your name and ID, you are not required to provide any other information to the police.

But what if you made a mistake? What if you admitted to driving drunk during your traffic stop? Even in this scenario, you may still have several defenses available. To learn how you can defend yourself if you told the police that you were drunk behind the wheel, you can read: Can You Still Fight a DUI if You Admitted to Drinking in Arizona?

What if You Caused an Accident While Driving Drunk?

In Arizona, causing injury or death while driving under the influence is a felony offense. As a result, if you are being accused of causing an accident while driving drunk, it is even more critical that you hire an experienced defense attorney to represent you.

At a minimum, you will likely be facing a charge of aggravated assault involving a “dangerous instrument.” If the accident was fatal, you could be charged with homicide, manslaughter, or even second-degree murder. To learn more about the risks you are facing, you should read: What Happens When You Cause a DUI Accident in Arizona?

What if You Refused the Breathalyzer?

Under Arizona’s implied consent law, you are required to take the breathalyzer during a DUI traffic stop. But, there are exceptions, and if you are facing charges for a “DUI refusal,” it will be vital for you to work with your attorney to determine if any of these exceptions apply.

It will also be vital for you to work with your attorney to determine the implications of your refusal in your DUI case. Prosecutors don’t necessarily need your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to prove that you are guilty of DUI, and they may be able to use your refusal against you. Learn more: Can You Be Convicted of DUI in Arizona if the Police Don’t Have Your BAC?

Why You Need an Experienced Defense Attorney

If it isn’t clear already, successfully fighting a DUI charge in Arizona requires experienced legal representation. You have a lot at stake, and there are a lot of ways that you can end up facing unnecessary consequences.

There are also many ways an experienced defense attorney can help you. If you are on the fence about hiring an attorney, you owe it to yourself to schedule a free DUI defense consultation. To learn more about why you need experienced legal representation when facing a drunk driving case in Arizona, you can read: 10 Reasons Not to Try to Handle Your Arizona DUI Case On Your Own.

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